Surface Mail Order Form

Please use this form if you prefer to join by surface mail using personal check, credit card or money order. 
Please make check or money order out to TTMAR, Ltd. and print this form by clicking on your "Print" feature. 
Credit card orders using this form may be faxed to (520) 882-7340. You can contact us on our help desk at:

Please print all information clearly.
Total Payment of $ ___________________ is enclosed.
Payment Information
Payment type: __ Visa __ MasterCard __ Check or money order
Cardholders Name: __________________________________________
Card Number: __________________________________________
Card Expiration: ____ / ____
Cardholders Signature: __________________________________________
User Information
First and Last Name: __________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________
City, State Zip __________________, _____________   ________
International Province: __________________________________________
Country: __________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________
Phone (include area code): __________________________________________
Login Information
Desired User Name __________________________________________
Desired Password __________________________________________
Membership length
Months Product Price
________ Monthly Membership $25.00 per month
Total: $_________

You are required to certify that you are 18 years of age or over - Please sign here

I am 18 years of age or over:_________________________________________

Mail or FAX this form with payment to:
3210 South Dodge Blvd
Suite 7
Tucson, AZ 85713
FAX: 520-